current Sustainability requirements make designing and installing successful HVAC systems challenging

Without a proven standardized solution, mechanical engineers are compelled to create custom, one-off designs that strain budgets and add operational complexity.

Our patented Thermal Gradient Header (TGH) is a simple hydronic approach to HVAC systems utilizing a patented piping framework and corresponding standardized control logic. It is built to serve as the core of an efficient, effective, sustainable HVAC system. Integrating a TGH framework into a holistic HVAC design allows engineers to design a system that out-performs any other system in both energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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The Advantages Of A
Thermal Gradient Header (TGH)

We're enabling engineers to design the simplest and most effective
high-performance HVAC solution possible

Share thermal energy resources between all thermal energy needs, starting with the building itself


Minimize consumption of non-thermal resources (gas and electricity) by optimizing all thermal resources first


Combine heating, cooling, heat reclaim and heat rejection into one simple pipe

Simple to Apply

Design sub-systems that are right for your building and use standard control logic

Simple to Install

A single-layer of serpentine pipe installed how ever you choose in your central plant

Simple to Operate

The simplest operational logic for a sustainable HVAC solution

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