BC Children’s and BC Women’s: Eco Energy Study

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Central Plant upgrade with Demand Side Thermal Energy Management


TGH’s predicted to meet 50% of carbon reduction target at full build-out


Thermenex was retained by HH Angus to assist with the evaluation of a Thermal Gradient Header (TGH) as a demand side thermal energy management option. The best value for the facility included two TGH’s transferring energy at the two existing campus central chilled water plants.

The TGH approach not only integrates the heating and cooling systems, but Thermenx's involvement has also led to better integration of the projects and their teams. This integration has led to several projects adjusting their approach; most notably the Phase 3 Re-development Project which includes implementing a significant portion of the Thermal Gradient Header which began in 2018 as an extension to the Phase 3 Redevelopment Project and was funded by the Carbon Neutral Capital Program (CNCP).